Contact: Kristina Essbach

The development of part groups is marked by a high complexity. The accurate balanced interaction of simulation and trial allows to give already in an early development stage authorative forecasts. Thus, simulation and testing support and confirm the design process and complete the development.

Technical design + simulation + testing = DEVELOPMENT

Filling and warpage simulation

The simulation of the filling processes permits the optimal embodiment and design of the tool already before fabrication. Already in an early development phase problems can be identified and be eliminated.

2018-03 Füllsimulation HSK

Simulation of:

  • Mould filling characteristics
  • Temperature dispersion
  • Simulation of distortion and shrinkage
  • Fibre glass orientation
  • Tool temperature control
  • MuCell® injection moulding
  • Core shift analysis


FEM calculation

With the deployment of the Finite-Element-calculation, crucial information on the part‘s behaviour can be collected already in an early design phase. The calculation is an essential instrument for the part design and the improvement of its consistency and its life-cycle.

2018-03 FEM Berechnung

Calculation of:

  • Strength analysis under temperature, pressure and tensile strains
  • Examination of life expectancy of the deployed materials
  • Simulation of creep


CFD Fluid dynamics

Supported by fluid dynamics the fluid-bearing parts can be designed optimal. It will avoid functional disorders due to geometry.

2018-03 CFD Stroemungssimulation

Simulation of:

  • Flow rate and turbulences
  • Pressure change
  • Thermal conduction through the fluid canal