Measurement + Scanning

Contact: Kristina Essbach

CAXsolutions uses the latest methods to deliver norm-based measurements of 2D, 3D and free-form surface parts. Test reports are prepared according to the latest standards such as VDA, IATF 16949 or customer-specific requirements..

2023-03 Messraum

Measurement technology service portfolio:

  • Initial sample testing
  • Determination of dimensional and geometrical discrepancies
  • Determination of 3D target-actual discrepancies using CAD data
  • Measurement reporting
  • 3D scanning
  • Reverse engineering
  • Computer tomography (CT)



 3D-Coordinate-measuring-device Wenzel LH 87

Measuring range: 800x700x1500mm
Software: Metrosoft Cm / Quartis

Multi-sensors-measuring-device PMS 300

Measuring range : 300x300x300mm
Software: Saphir U-Soft

3D-Digitizingsystem GOM ATOS III Triple Scan

Measuring range : 38mm up to 2m
Software: ATOS Professional, GOM Inspect Professionell, Polyworks

Altimeter Digmar

Surface measuring device Mitutoyo SJ 410



3D Scan

The demand for optical test solutions has risen steadily in recent years. CAXsolutions also offers this performance with the GOM ATOS III Triple Scan. Various measuring fields - 100/320/700 mm - enable a great flexibility in the speed and accuracy of the measurement.

2018-03 3D Scannen Zeichnung

Other advantages of the system:

  • Complete SET - ACT comparison of the components against CAD
  • Control geometry measurements
  • Create and analyze cuts on the part
  • Measurement of delay
  • Reverse Engineering


Computed tomography

2018-02 Computertomographie

The introduction of the computed tomography opens up new unseen possibilities for the industrial electrical measurement. With this technology, parts can be measured and analysed precisely and without destruction – now even in sectors that so far could not have been reached with the conventional measuring.

Advantages of the computed tomography:

  • Non-destructive analysis
  • Measurement of so far unapproachable inner geometries
  • Technological testing Analysis of complex and vacant parts
  • Quick and highly accurate analysis
  • Efficient initial sampling testing
  • Identification of lock holes and vacuoels
  • Reverse Engineering